Portland Cement Concrete

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ProductsBoard Price Per Yard
4000 PSI Mix$105.00
3500 PSI Mix$103.50
High-Early Patch$111.00
Flowable FIll$82.00
Other Concrete Products Available, call for pricing.
CAM II, 2500 PSI, 3000 PSI, 4000 PSI, Paving/C&G/S.I., Deck/Parapet Caison, 5000 PSI, High-Early Patch (with different Add-Mix Designs), 5 Hour Hot Patch, CHIPS

Additional Charges

Minimum Load Charges 
2 to 3 Yard Load1 Lump Sum @$50.00
1 to 2 Yard Load1 Lump Sum @$75.00
Excessive Unloading Time Charge
Less Than 4 Yards: Allowed 30 Minutes Per Yard
4 Yards or More: Allowed 9 Minutes Per Yard
$90.00 Per Hour
Special Addmixture Charges 
Calcium-ChloridePer % Per Yard$2.50
Fiber MeshPer Yard$7.00
RetarderPer Yard$3.50
SuperplasticizerPer Yard$8.00
Saturday Delivery Charge/ Late Order Charge
$6.00 Per Yard
Winter Service Charge
$5.00 Per Yard
All Cement/No Fly-Ash Charge
$5.00 Per Yard
Exposed Aggregate Charge
$20.00 Per Yard for Dark Stones
Color Concrete Washout Charge
$30.00 Per Truck Load
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